Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance

On September 16, 1885 a meeting was held at the Court House in Austin, Minnesota to organize a Farmers Mutual Insurance Company.

The following were elected directors: G.L. Case(President) – Robert Eckford(Secretary) – E.S. Hoppin(Treasurer) – J.J. Furlong(Director) – G. Seebach(Director) – J.A. Thompson(Director) – Daniel Williams(Director) – Ole Finhard(Director) – H.W. Lightly(Director)

The name chosen for the association was the Austin Farmers Fire and Storm Mutual Insurance Company.

On October 7, 1885 a meeting was called and a constitution and by-laws were adopted. Thus, on December 1, 1885, the beginning of the Austin Farmers Fire and Storm Mutual Insurance Company.

The first annual report of the Austin Farmers Fire and Storm Mutual Insurance Company showed 57 members, 44 policyholders, $54,590 insurance in force, and they had received from membership $27.48. The first loss paid by the company was for a 4-year old mare and sucking colt struck by lightning on July 8, 1886. The amount paid was $200.

At the annual meeting of January 18, 1927, the name of the company was changed to the Mower County Farmers Fire and Lightning Insurance Company, a name it carried until 1957 when it was changed to its present name of Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company.

In March of 1973 the company adopted a program to provide package policies combining fire, wind and liability coverages to be handled out of the Mower County Farmers Mutual office with combined billings coming from same.

By 2006 it became apparent to the Board of Directors that change was necessary to keep pace with competitive pricing in the market place. 2006 became the year for the company to convert and reorganize as a mutual insurance company effective January 1, 2007. The company became a fire and wind insurer, packaging liability coverages with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company.

Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has been located in the following places: (1) Second floor of the Mower County Court House(1885-1946) – (2) First National Bank Building(1946-1958) – (3) 504 1st Drive NW(1958-1965) – (4) 224 2nd Avenue NE(1965-1973) – (5) 509 East Oakland Avenue(1973-2004) – (6) 110 North Main Street (temporary location due to flooding of our office)(July 2001 – December 2001) – (7) 1904 8th Street NW(2004-Present)

Our Mission

It shall be the mission of Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company to offer the best insurance protection, those coverage provided by law, to our policyholders at the lowest reasonable cost.